Just a quick video of the phibow connected to the phimatics project (not yet documented).

Thanks to Ouellet Fredericks family for exposing (nice frame) my PCB in their home!


03 2018

Bassynth & drum

Had an old bass laying around, lots of love & hot glue later the bassynth was born. Will document a little bit later (including the electronic drum), just wanted to share what my friend confettis created:


03 2018

Light box amplifier

The title says it all. Same pcb from the phiamp project, just added a light box x2 == quadraphonic party. Speakers are full-range. Using HoaLibrary (High Order Ambisonics for Pure Data) as a spatializer (don’t forget to invert phase of speaker if they point at each other).


03 2018


I felt in love with snails (gastropods). They don’t ask much… I play music for them, look at their golden-ratio shell, feed them salads and sometimes even fruits. They can live 10 years or more. I wish to make a volume 2 when they will be older.

CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) – Public Domain Dedication


11 2017

Boîte à oiseaux

La Boîte à oiseaux is a combination of 3 projects:

It’s a media center built in an amplified box with speech recognition capabilities. La boîte can understand as many languages as Kiku offers (currently English, Japanese, German & Portuguese) and since Kiku works offline, there’s no need to be connected to the internet.



01 2014