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Pure Data have a repository for abstractions and externals, but not for patches. Not anymore, I took the time to code one. There’s multiple ways of searching a patch: by platforms, tags (adc~, notein), is audio, is video, is generative…

The site also feature a live stream (video & audio) with networked gui so that multiple visitors can interact with the streaming patch. Of course there’s a latency in the feed when playing with the knobs (betweeen 3-5 seconds) but it is still a fun way to jam with others. The bandwidth is provided by the Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics.

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10 2013

Online Speech Recognition for Dictation

I’m working on the integration of kiku (voice recognition to control your OS) to Vinux (Linux for the visually impaired). For now the feedback about kiku is great, but one thing people wants is a solution for dictation (that is, speech to text). kiku could be use for that task, but sadly there is no good (accurate) acoustic model available under GPL (Voxforge is a good start, but not there yet – please contribute).

So i came up with this online speech recognition for dictation solution to overcome this limitation. Speak in different languages, spell check, translate and text to speech all in one place. You’ll need Google Chrome and a microphone.

EDIT: it seems that it is not working anymore… is an alternative:


06 2011