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speech recognition to control your OS

kiku means “listen” in Japanese. it aims at saving time and pain (voice instead of mouse & keyboard). you should look at the video section to have an idea of what kiku can do for you. basically:

  • English acoustic model (provided by VoxForge)
  • Japanese acoustic / language model (provided by Julius)
  • German acoustic model (provided by VoxForge)
  • Portuguese acoustic / language model
  • emulate the keyboard and the mouse (provided by xdotool)
  • open sound control client (send recognition result or any message via udp / tcp)
  • use PulseAudio or Alsa
  • monitor processes to load the matching V2C (voice to command)
  • automatic pausing / unpausing
  • notification using: libnotify, libxosd, built-in

kiku speech recognition