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Just a quick video of the phibow connected to the phimatics project (not yet documented).

Thanks to Ouellet Fredericks family for exposing (nice frame) my PCB in their home!


03 2018

Bassynth & drum

Had an old bass laying around, lots of love & hot glue later the bassynth was born. Will document a little bit later (including the electronic drum), just wanted to share what my friend confettis created:


03 2018


I felt in love with snails (gastropods). They don’t ask much… I play music for them, look at their golden-ratio shell, feed them salads and sometimes even fruits. They can live 10 years or more. I wish to make a volume 2 when they will be older.

CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) – Public Domain Dedication


11 2017

Boîte à oiseaux

La Boîte à oiseaux is a combination of 3 projects:

It’s a media center built in an amplified box with speech recognition capabilities. La boîte can understand as many languages as Kiku offers (currently English, Japanese, German & Portuguese) and since Kiku works offline, there’s no need to be connected to the internet.



01 2014


a custom built actuated guitar controlled by pure data. 3 micro servo are strumming the strings and pure data take care of the global pitch shifting. the humbucker is really far from the bridge to avoid getting noise from the magnetic field (there’s still some). included is a relay to turn on high voltage stuff (a light, a disco ball and whatnot).

i think i made this project to showcase puredata fx capabilities, for this i had to make it controllable from the internet (streaming webcam / audio on pdpatchrepo). finally there’s a chatbot (alice) / tts when only one person is connected to the stream.




i don’t think it is useful without the actuated guitar, but here’s the patch:


11 2013