Video tour of akihabara

I lived in Shinjuku for a year, not too far from Akihabara. I met a friend at Tokyo Hacker Space who knows a lot about Akihabara; he was kind enough to allow me to film him doing a video tour. Keep in mind that many shops have closed since then:


09 2010

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  1. psc #

    Hi Jon,

    Akiba and I will talk about it this Tuesday @ Tokyo Hacker Space. I want to make a small documentary style film about how someone like Akiba can do complex things (also he have lots of crazy tools).

    Thx for the feedback!

  2. jon #

    Absolutely love these videos. Really really interesting. Also, my style of filming, throw that camera around, I love it. Give me an impression, a feel.

    I’d like to see these videos tied a bit to the projects and prototypes. Akiba says, if you are doing such and such, you want to come here. Can you rough out what a project might be and how you would go through it? At what point would you head down to the store and get stuff? How do you use that stuff in the project? Which bits from which stores would you use? (Obviously, the robotics in a robot, but the circuit boards, OLEDs, transistors. How do you decide what to use when?How do you measure the success of the project? How do you develop it? Is there a methodology to these hacks or is it all trial and error?

    I’m an outsider to all this and it would be very interesting to see it taking a step further. Not into total detail, but a bit more focussed, specific, illustrative.

    Plus, more videos like this of Tokyo please. Different places and events, same style.


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