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Control your SCPI enabled oscilloscope using your voice



  • Offline speech recognition in realtime
  • As you can hear in the video, it can understand strong accent
  • Cloud based (Amazon ivona) text to speech
  • You can send SCPI command using the textbox
  • Zeroconf detection of a SCPI oscilloscope (right now only Rigol DS series)
  • Can be controlled via Open Sound Control
  • You can add new commands (julius – mkdfa)

Implemented commands:


  • Pause (speech recognition)
  • Resume (speech recognition)
  • Run
  • Stop
  • Autoscale
  • Single trigger
  • Force trigger
Channels (1/2/3…)

  • Channel 1 on/off
  • Coupling channel 2 AC/DC
  • Channel 3 scale 1 v/m
Trigger (m = millivolt, v = volt)

  • Trigger level 10 m/v
Timescale (s = second, m = ms, u = us, n = ns)

  • Time scale 10 u

  • Show counter channel 1


Set the channel and then use only the command for the channel (for example coupling ac, scale 1 v) instead of always explicitly telling which channel to operate on… Also update the help (pop-up). Clean the code… Make a binary… Mac / Windows… Would be nice to use a RPI.

Implementation overview: